Thursday, November 11, 2010

Building Bridges: Company debt free and looking ahead

A CHALLENGING economic climate presents numerous opportunities for growth, an enterprising Port business says.

Smart Fabrication managing director Simon Kennedy said he expected his family business, which grew from a single person operation in 1999 to employing 23 staff with a multi-million dollar annual turnover, would continue to prosper in the downturn.

“When I first started all I had was a 6x4m enclosed trailer behind my car,” he said.

“Our goal was to turn over $1 million in the first five years but we did that in under three years. Now we operate out of a 1000sq m premises, the company is debt-free and we have just achieved total business of $10 million.”

Mr Kennedy was upbeat about the prospects for his business, which specialises in the design, construction and installation of a range of steel fabrication products. “A recession can allow you to grow. Businesses should be looking out for the openings which get missed when people are too busy during better times.”

He would use the slowdown to continue to develop new products, ensuring his workforce remained busy to avoid staff lay-offs, while also focusing on offering a high level of customer service. Working with the North West Business Development Centre Business (NWBDC) had provided support and confirmation that his business was on track

(An extract from The Portside Messenger April 29th 2009| by Heather Kennett)

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