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Smart Fabrication Pty Ltd is a family owned South Australian company that specialises in the planning, design, construction and installation of a wide range of steel fabrication products.
Founded in 1999 by Simon Kennedy, Smart Fabrication prides itself in producing high quality products at competitive prices through safe working practices.

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Our Mission
Smart Fabrication is committed to exceeding our customer’s expectations through continuous improvement and superior customer interaction, utilising quality work practices and employee involvement to manufacture and deliver first-rate products on time and at a competitive price.’

Some of the services we specialize in are;
Heavy or Light Engineering
Pipe Welding & Pipe Fabrication
Tank Fabrication
Stainless Steel Work
Structural Steel Work
Aluminum Work
Paint and Finishing
Profile Cutting
Earthmoving manufacturing & repair
Design & engineering work
3D CAD Drawings
Working in Confined Spaces
Shutdown work
On site maintenance & servicing

Smart Fabrication also have our own product range including some of the following;
Water Trucks
Vandal Guards
Rock Guards
Light Guards
Camera Guards
Outlaw Ovens

About Us:

Smart Fabrication Pty Ltd undertakes the planning, design, construction and installation of a wide range of metal fabrication products. Our fabrication capabilities include tank fabrication and pipe work, heavy or light engineering, structural steelwork, stainless steel and aluminum work. Site work is made efficient with our fully equipped on-site trailer, transport, and service vehicles.

The management and staff of Smart Fabrication Pty Ltd take great pride in their work. With a high commitment to delivering a quality and timely product, combined with competitive pricing and a unique ability to think laterally, this places Smart Fabrication at the forefront of the metal fabrication industry. Smart Fabrication Pty Ltd currently employs approximately 24 staff, including qualified boilermakers, welders, pipe fitters, an internal administration team, workshop supervisors and a mechanical engineer. Smart Fabrication also has access to additional staff on a sub-contract basis.

Smart Fabrication Pty Ltd is committed to maintaining a safe working environment for all employees and visitors to the site complying with AS/NZS 4801: 2001 Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems. The company is also currently working on developing systems of work that comply with AS/NZS ISO 9001:2001 Quality Management Systems.

Smart Fabrication Pty Ltd has a set of governing values and principles, to;

● provide innovative products and services to our clients, on time and within budget.
● comply with all regulatory standards and requirements in the manufacture of all products.
● provide ongoing training and development to all staff.
● continually improve the company’s OH&S and Quality Management Systems.

Smart Fabrication has been in business since 1999 and during this time has undertaken a wide range of projects from the design stage through to installation. A small cross section of examples is listed below:

Torrens Aquaduct Pipeline – Leed Engineering
Glenelg to Adelaide Pipeline – City Green
Aldinga Pipeline – Leed Engineering
● Anzac Highway Underpass – Leed Engineering
Car-park Shelter – Woolworths Queensland
Art Gallery Shelving – Art Images Norwood
● Sea Otter Cradle – Australian Submarine Corporation
● Car component racks – General Motors Holden Elizabeth

Smart Fabrication Pty Ltd, working in conjunction with ARA Jobs (Australian Refugee Association) has established a training facility for job seekers new to Australia . These individuals are provided with a some basic fabrication skills, tools and clothing in an effort to provide them with the skills to gain work in primary industries. Most of the trainees have been successful in securing work upon completion of the program.

Enquiries from the general public and interested parties are most welcome.

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