Thursday, November 11, 2010


After years of calming to be a Quality Company that prides itself on its simple and yet effective systems, director of Smart Fabrication Simon Kennedy has put his money where his mouth is and gained ISO accreditation for design and supply. This is a big step in the right direction for Smart Fabrication who is working towards more defence work with larger quality companies such as AWD and General Dynamics.

Commendations have to go to NWBDC and Craig Williams from Williams Laser Cutting & Fabrication who offered advice from the start and recommend Smart Fabrication peruse Quality accreditation.

Also to Derek Ruse whose proactive attitude and dedication to the goal that started Smart Fab documenting all there process, procedures and writing up SOP's (amongst implementing systems and offering advice to all employees as a clinical psychologist). And then Steve Eccles who came and took over from Derek and finished off all the systems that passed flawlessly. And finally all the staff who has taken on board and followed all the new “extra paperwork” involved with a quality system without too many complaints.

This will mean Smart Fabrication will be eligible to quote and tender for much larger quality jobs with companies that appreciate a eye for detail and well documented paper tail.

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