Thursday, November 11, 2010


We were pleased to see while browsing through the October edition on the SA Defence Business Magazine that Smart Fabrication was listed as one of the TOP 20 SEM DEFENCE SUPPLIERS for South Australia. SA Defence Business Magazine is a monthly magazine issued by the Defence Teaming Centre (DTC). This is an honour that cements great confidence in the offices and workshops of Smart Fabrication because this is the direction we have been working towards for the last few years.

In the past 12 months Smart Fabrication has gained certification to ISO 9001 for Quality as well as becoming a Defence Recognised Supplier and a member of the Defence Teaming Centre. We emphasise quality and practise a high standard of work with all jobs we work on. We aim to increase our work for the defence industry over the next few year.

Smart Fabrication was primarily recognised for the custom designed

aluminium access ladders and platforms we fabricated for the Air Warfare Destroyers (AWD) Ships. Other factors / projects that contributed to Smart Fab being named as a top 20 supplier were the speed, quality and design input on the water passivation unit for the Australian Submarine Corporation (ASC) and stainless curing ovens also for the ASC.
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Top 20 SME Defence Supplier South Australia


  1. Well done Smart Fab!
    All that hard work is finally starting to pay off! :)

  2. Congratulation having in top 20 SME DEFENCE SUPPLIERS. Keep it up...

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